I’m Mukta Gadkari

Holistic Nutritionist & Coach

…on a mission to nourish, support & empower you.

I coach busy, ambitious women to:

resolve stress-related health issues, reclaim their energy, 

Make empowered food choices & establish healthy boundaries – 

so they can show up nourished for the life they love.

Personalized Nutrition

Optimal health recommendations & customized menu-plans curated for your unique schedule, taste-buds, cultural heritage & health history.

Intuitive Awareness

Create your own balance & restore a peaceful relationship with food using mindful eating. 

Stress Management

Holistic food & lifestyle strategies to manage stress and recharge your batteries every day.


Realistic goals & ongoing coaching sessions offer a balance of TLC & tough love – enough to motivate, reinforce & sustain healthy changes. 

What my clients say:

 “After working with Mukta, I feel like a new woman.” 

– Stella T

 “The changes that Mukta helped me make are permanent lifestyle changes that have improved my health and mental well-being.”

– Courtney L

“What I liked most about working with Mukta was her holistic approach. It’s about changing your way of life, not just your diet.”

– A.K

Break the cycle.

Reclaim your energy.

Show up whole.

Create a life you love.

Ready to show up nourished every day, and give the world everything you’ve got? Let’s hit reset, recharge your batteries and give you the tools and confidence to be the superhuman you are.

Schedule your free “Break the Cycle” Session today.

I offer 1:1 personalized consulting packages as well as group wellness (pricing varies), and together we can decide what works best for you.


If you’re here to get healthy, feel great and break the cycle of stress once and for all, you’re in the right place. Poke around, find a recipe you love, sign up for my nutrition insider tips, or book your free strategy session. 

Whatever you do, do it today.

I’m so glad you’re here.

xo – Mukta