I’m Mukta Gadkari

Holistic Nutritionist & Coach

Want to feel better in your body?

I teach you how to nourish yourself – so you can rekindle your love for food, trust yourself, and feel better in your body.


Get delicious made-for-you health plans, and learn what, why and how different foods nourish YOU.

Slow Down

Support your digestion, energy and nervous system with holistic food and lifestyle strategies.


Learn to trust your body’s intuitive wisdom and restore a peaceful, playful relationship with food using mindful eating practices.


Make tiny tweaks, celebrate wins and settle into sustainable changes that work for you.

What my clients say:

 “After working with Mukta, I feel like a new woman.” 

– Stella T

“I’m clearer about the foods to eat and how to easily integrate them into my day. I have less inflammation in my body.  Most of all, I learned to give myself grace when I didn’t get it right.

– Carla G

“…my energy is more consistent, I sleep better, my digestive issues are minimal, my husband also feels better from adopting similar changes.

– Leanne



Restore your energy.

Rest your spirit.

Make peace with your food.

Done with constant food drama?

Let’s resolve your digestive issues, restore your energy, rebuild trust with your body’s wisdom – and create an inspiring, nourishing and sustainable health and wellness plan for you. 

Curious about how we’d work together? 

Grab one of my free 30-minute slots and let’s talk!


If you’re here to get nourished, restore trust in yourself and feel better in your body, you’re in the right place. Poke around, grab a freebie resource, or book time with me.  But do it today.

So glad you’re here.

xo – Mukta