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Success Stories

Before working with Mukta, I was in denial about my food sensitivities. I had struggled with IBS for years and avoided eating in public because I never knew how my body would react. As a result of not eating regularly and nourishing my body with foods that I have sensitivities to, I experienced frequent stomach pain, rashes, and low blood sugar. It was a vicious cycle and I had no idea how to get out of it. In addition, I have an auto-immune disorder and my doctor continually encouraged me to eliminate gluten and sugar to reduce pain and inflammation, but I had no idea where to start with that either. I had just accepted the fact that I would struggle with these things for the rest of my life.

During our 6-months together, I learned what foods I have sensitivities to and how to eat healthy, regular meals that make my body happy. I also learned the importance of making time to exercise, take breaks during the workday, and reduce stress. Although the elimination diet was very challenging at times, it was well worth it in the end.

After working with Mukta, I feel so much better! The changes that Mukta helped me make are permanent lifestyle changes that have improved my health and mental well-being. As a result of my work with Mukta, I am eating foods that I never enjoyed before, like avocados. I learned how to decipher nutrition labels to understand what is healthy and what I can and cannot eat. I am equipped with the knowledge I need to continue reintroducing foods that were cut out as part of my elimination diet on my own. And as an added bonus, I am sleeping better than I have in years. I am so glad that I made the decision to work with Mukta! Change is hard, but it has been well worth it. If you are thinking about working with Mukta, just do it! Make a commitment and stick with it. You will not be sorry!

Courtney Love, February 2021

Before working with Mukta, I was completely exhausted all the time – so burned out and tired. I had serious digestive issues – my stomach was in horrible pain and felt swollen and hard. I had back pain and was constantly seeing a chiropractor for massages. This helped alleviate the pain but not for long. These health issues just made me feel sad all the time. And because I went through a painful seizure years ago, I felt like I was in constant recovery mode and this felt pretty isolating. Even at home – my husband would tell me he loved me as I was, but that didn’t make me feel better because I just didn’t feel comfortable in my own body.

 During the 6-months we worked together, I made small changes to my diet over time – but these led to significant changes in my health. They were small tweaks…for example, I never gave much thought to breakfast before, but now I take the time to eat my eggs and avocados, and make sure I’m getting protein in the morning. Even just adding healthy fats to my diet has been such a big deal. I’m loving foods like sardines, walnuts, blueberries and buckwheat – they feel really good for my brain and I’m just more intentional in terms of what I eat now. I’m also drinking more smoothies and herbal teas every day and I love them! Despite my busy workload, I’m even packing a lunch now and making the time for meal prep, which has made a big difference. Mukta also guided me through an elimination diet which was tough, but transformative for my body. Now, I don’t even enjoy certain foods I liked before, like oats.

 After working with Mukta, I feel like a new woman. I have so much more energy now (this was surprising) and have more mental clarity at work. I’m also not as tired after work. Things don’t feel like a constant struggle, and I feel calmer too – like more chill. The pain is gone for the most part. The best part is, I feel like I have more control over my health. For example, if I feel a bit off, I am able to analyze and figure out why. Also, my cholesterol and sugar levels went down! I just feel better – and when you feel better on the inside, it makes a big difference to everything.

Besides the changes I made to my diet, I think making meal-prep a priority really helped. It was very hard in the beginning, because I was so tired all the time. But I kept it simple so I wouldn’t fail and started pushing myself to do it. It became easier and now is a habit. As I started feeling better, I had more energy so I wanted to do it.

 The whole experience was a success. Working with Mukta was a treat. She is kind and compassionate and always got back to me with well-researched answers when I had questions.

 Here’s my advice to others wanting to make a change in their health: Take one step at a time. Don’t try to make all the changes at once or you’ll disappoint yourself. That’s what I liked about working with Mukta. We worked on one target at a time. And that’s what set me up for success. 

Stella T, November 2020

Here’s what my clients are saying:

Stella S., November 2020

“I recently signed up for Mukta’s Ultimate Nutrition Consulting package, which lasted for a 9-month period. I learned so much during this time-frame, and have noticed many changes in my diet and lifestyle as a result. Thanks to the changes I made, I now have more energy and mental clarity, less bloating, and am getting better sleep. I’m more aware of my food and water intake, and encouraged to live a better life. The best part is – I’m comfortable sustaining all these changes long-term! I feel more chill and haven’t felt this good in a long time.

I loved everything about working with Mukta. She conducted careful research of my condition before providing suggestions. She was easy to work with but firm when needed, understanding, kind, and held me accountable. It was a perfect fit! I would gladly recommend her services to others.”

— Stella S., November 2020

Olga Laurenty, November 2020

“I had the pleasure to work with Mukta on a FoodLab project where we were cooking from scratch, with elementary age students, organic vegetarian lunches for the whole school community.

First part of the work was to validate the menus and to be sure that the meals are balanced, healthy and nutritious for the children. I was impressed by the depth of Mukta’s knowledge in nutrition and her capacity to pay attention to details as well as being able to keep a big picture overview. Mukta has a wonderful capacity to collaborate in such a pleasant way and I enjoyed every step in the process. She was clear, calm, reliable and very flexible. We also learned so much about nutrition and especially about vegetarian meals.

The second part of the work was cooking with the children until pandemic hit. I’m very grateful for Mukta’s determination, commitment, reliability and optimism. Mukta was able to embrace in confidence and courage a very new and challenging situation. She taught the children from ages 6 to 11y how use a knife, to read, scale and follow a recipe, to follow safety procedures and rules in the kitchen, to recognize and clean vegetables, what a healthy meal is, cooking vocabulary, measuring and weighing, collaborating and keeping time (I can go on); all this while ensuring that the lunch will be delicious and on time for the school community. Children would come home and show their parents how to prepare kale and how to soften onions, how to dress a salad – and parents would ask for the recipes. Children were so excited to cook and the community just loved the food. It was such a pleasure to be in the kitchen with Mukta – for me and for the children. We hope to start over once the pandemic is over.

I wish to highlight that the cooking project has been a challenge to put together. My team went from 4 people to 1, and Mukta has been a great support navigating easily the uncertainty and adjusting to many delays with humility, positivity and resilience. I’m very grateful to have found Mukta.”

— Olga Laurenty, November 2020

A.K., January 2020

“I recently signed up for one of Mukta’s 1:1 nutrition consulting packages and worked with her for approximately 6 months. Prior to working with Mukta, I’d consulted with other services like Weight watchers, group training, dieticians and YouTube diets. None were fruitful or motivating.

After working with Mukta, I noticed the following changes: my acid reflux decreased (went from unbearable to more controlled), I became more mindful about eating slowly, and noticed which foods caused discomfort. I’ve become more conscious about not skipping meals and now eat a healthy breakfast every day (I’m surprised about this change). I’m exercising more and conscious of how active I am. I drink more water every day and am focusing on staying hydrated. The best part is, I am no longer stressed about my weight – and instead focus on eating healthier food and maintaining an active lifestyle!

What I liked most about working with Mukta was her holistic approach. It’s about changing your way of life, not just your diet. She set realistic expectations and was consistent in her approach and method during our entire time working together. She’s a great listener and spent time and effort to understand and empathize with my issues. I felt energized whenever we talked or connected. She was proactive in her responses, gave me detailed notes, recommendations and food plans. And it was easy to trust and disclose any challenges I came across because she’s open-minded and gave me practical tips. I applaud her patience, especially when explaining things and understanding my pain points!

Mukta exceeded my expectations and her passion, dedication and sincerity made me want to be more disciplined in achieving my goals. I recommend working with her!”

— A.K., January 2020

Beela T., June 2019

“I had the chance to attend several of Mukta’s nutrition classes in January 2018 and also receive personal one-on-one counseling from her over a few weeks. The classes set a great refresher foundation for me in terms of awareness and knowledge of various nutrients and their overall impact on us. One of my biggest takeaways from the classes was how it is ALL connected. It’s not just about fixing my diet and nutrition plan, but my sleep and exercise patterns as well. The one-on-one counseling sessions were SO HELPFUL in terms of giving me guidelines for my particular case. I was super happy to receive a workable menu plan that took into consideration my particular food allergies and health conditions. And actually pretty surprised at how easy it was to incorporate several nutritious ingredients (that I wasn’t otherwise frequently using) into my diet. Many of the suggested changes that Mukta made were small and therefore, attainable. I feel I can sustain these changes in the long run without too much effort.  Mukta read me well. Now every time I sip on some hot lemon-ginger tea or chew on some jicama, I’ll be thinking of her!”

— Beela T., June 2019

Geetha T., November 2018

“I recently signed up with Mukta’s 6-week nutritional consulting program. Originally, the plan was to sign up as a way to educate myself, change some eating habits and become more aware about the food I was eating. What I received was so much more!! Through the time we spent together, I was literally blown away with Mukta’s exceptional service, knowledge and genuine care on making positive changes in my life. As a guide to healthy eating, Mukta provided a 3-day meal plan. Her descriptive meal plans helped me to not only eat healthier on a daily basis, but opened up my palate to trying different vegetables and grains. Mukta always made sure to provide me with a lot of information after each session. Her colorful, witty and educational handouts helped me to learn a lot about nutrition and it was a great guide on keeping up with my health goals. Additionally, Mukta always provided detailed follow-up session notes and I looked forward to them as it kept me on track and clearly laid out the plan for the week.

I loved how knowledgeable Mukta was, and that she was always available to answer questions. And if she didn’t know the answer, she made sure to research it and get back to me. She is so generous with her time & always ready to help. She also helped me in discovering my more creative side in cooking. Her passion for cooking & experimenting with different ingredients inspired me to be more innovative with my cooking and baking. Mukta opened my mind and helped me realize that you don’t always have to stick exactly to the recipe!

What I found amazing about Mukta’s program is that it wasn’t only about healthy eating. It was about a healthy lifestyle. Mukta encouraged me to join a nearby gym, get better sleep and of course, eat healthier! These changes have made a big impact on my life & are goals that I’ve been able to maintain after our sessions. The best part of it is that I’ve become so much more aware of what I’m eating and more conscience of staying healthy. One of the biggest changes I have made, is cutting back on sugar. I have a big sweet tooth and am always looking for sugar. After learning about the effects sugar has and making some conscience health goals, I have drastically cut down on my intake and surprisingly do not crave it nearly as much as I used to!

Mukta’s program has truly made a difference in my life and I highly recommend working with her! She’s the BEST!”

— Geetha T., November 2018

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xo- Mukta