Consulting & Coaching

What’s your #1 Health Goal?

Let’s knock it out!

Because there’s no one like you, and no one with your unique nutritional profile, “1-size fits all” diets simply do not work for everyone. I’ve designed my nutrition consulting and coaching offerings to discover what makes you, YOU – and to work for you accordingly.

Here’s a glimpse into my 1:1 offerings:

    • Free 15-minute discovery: Let’s talk! I want to understand your health concerns and goals, and will share how I can help. Once you’re ready to get started, I will ask you to complete a few intake forms before our Initial one-on-one consulting session.
    • Initial one-on-one consulting session: These typically last 60-90 minutes, and we’ll use this time to get to know each other. We’ll discuss your health history, concerns and goals, and your intake forms; and discuss a plan to support your nutritional needs. After this session, I will provide you with a Comprehensive Recommendation Summary to get started.
    • Follow-up coaching sessions: These are 60-minute sessions to discuss how you have progressed towards your health goals, what worked, what did not, and what we need to do to adjust your plan. I will provide you with Follow-up Summaries after each session to help reinforce any diet, activity or lifestyle changes.
    • Menu planning: This is the fun part! I will design a personalized menu plan for you, incorporating your health goals, nutrition requirements and cultural preferences. If cooking is not your thing, I will recommend healthy, delicious and affordable meals on-the-go.
    • Grocery tours: Overwhelmed by grocery stores, nutrition labels and sticker claims? Let’s conquer them together at your preferred grocery, farmers market or online store.
    • Home pantry makeover: Swap out the ingredients that don’t serve you for kitchen essentials that do. In addition, if you are not ready for big changes now, I will still equip you with the tools for when you are ready.

*Please contact me for my latest pricing.