1:1 Nutrition Coaching

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Ever wish you could eat whatever you want, when you want…without the guilt, pain or shame?

I see you love-hate on your food.

I see you guilt yourself on “cheat-days” and freak out over eating that last cookie.

I see you rush through meals, then suffer the bloat in silence.

I know you’re trying so hard to “get it right.”

And I know you want a healthier relationship with your food.

Instead, this might be what it’s like now:

  • You’re confused AF about ALL the diets and trendy trends telling you what you should be eating.
  • You’re sick of wading through rabbit-holes when you do a simple Google search on whether <insert ingredient> is healthy.
  • You think you “eat healthy” but can’t figure out why you’re so tired all the time.
  • It hurts every time you eat.
  • You just don’t have time to feed yourself, let alone think of yet another recipe.
  • You “do so well” for a while but find yourself falling off the wagon too often – then chasing quick fix cleanses or detoxes to feel better.
  • You know intellectually that “Diets don’t work.” 

Then why is it sooo hard to get out of the quick-fix cycle and make lasting changes that feel good?

I’ll tell you why.

It’s not you; it’s diet freaking culture.

Diet culture is so entangled in everything that it’s accepted without question.

Diet culture props “thinness” on a pedestal and makes us all (regardless of size) feel like we’re not enough.

Diet culture promises quick fixes, because frankly, the real work is too damn tough.

Diet culture disconnects you so swiftly from yourself that you can’t help but look to others for answers.

Listen to me. There is a way out of diet culture.

A way to connect deeper with your body. A way to trust yourself so implicitly that the only thing that matters is how you feel in your body

A bit like having permanent blinders on.

No more second guessing your food choices, no more running after fad diets, no more pointless guilt-trips or “cheat days.”

Instead, you allow yourself to experiment, pause, feel and make your own decisions.

Every bite you take is an opportunity to allow yourself to get it wrong.

Read that again.

Honestly, giving yourself permission to fail is liberating. It creates food freedom. And it’s a helluva lot more fun than counting calories, macros or tracking food.

Work with me and…

Discover YOUR secret nourishment sauce.

Learn what makes you feel nourished and rested. This is reeaallly important because a “Nourished You” is 500X more connected to yourself than a “Tired, Depleted You.” 

Connect the dots.

Identify the root cause of your depletion & digestive issues and reclaim your health with foods that help you thrive!

Deepen your intuitive awareness.

With your consent, we’ll work on deepening your awareness of signals your body is sending you – for example, what hunger feels like in your body, versus bloating, versus satiation.

Become your own expert.

Say good riddance to diet culture and learn to tune in to your own rules.

How It Works

Book a Free Session

During this free 30 minute session, we’ll get to know each other better. We’ll explore your health challenges & goals, you’ll learn more about my approach and services – and if we decide to work together, I will share next steps.


Choose a 1:1 Package

Because healthy changes don’t happen overnight, I offer various packages including personalized nutrition recommendations, recipes, nutrition tracking & ongoing coaching support.

Add-ons include Grocery Store Tours, Home Pantry Makeovers, Food Demos & more!

Make gentle progress

We’ll start where you are, with realistic goals to sustain your healthy changes. We’ll celebrate wins, discuss challenges & course-correct when needed. I’ll offer weekly support via email and text. 

We’re in this together!

“Thanks to the changes I made, I now have more energy and mental clarity, less bloating, and am getting better sleep. I’m more aware of my food and water intake, and encouraged to live a better life. The best part is – I’m comfortable sustaining all these changes long-term! I feel more chill and haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

– Stella T

I am so glad that I made the decision to work with Mukta!  Change is hard, but it has been well worth it.  If you are thinking about working with Mukta, just do it!  Make a commitment and stick with it.  You will not be sorry!

– Courtney L

“Mukta set realistic expectations and was consistent in her approach and method during our entire time working together. She’s a great listener and spent time and effort to understand and empathize with my issues. I felt energized whenever we talked or connected. “

– AK



Restore your energy.

Rest your spirit.

Make peace with your food.

Done dealing with constant food drama?

Let’s resolve your digestive issues, restore your energy, rebuild trust with your body’s wisdom – and create an inspiring, nourishing and sustainable health and wellness plan for you. 

Curious about how we’d work together? 

Grab one of my free 30-minute slots and let’s talk!