My approach

We are in this together.

Think of me as one of the many cheerleaders on your health train, along with your doctor, acupuncturist, personal trainer, therapist, chiropractor…you get the picture.

I want you to feel your best; and I’ll guide you with evidence-based research and on simple (and some not so simple) changes to help you get there.  And we will always start where you are; with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time-bound) goals that YOU will come up with.

So, if the thought of working with a nutritionist makes you feel nervous, exposed, threatened, or just plain overwhelmed…relax. We are in this together.

Here are my guiding principles:

1.  There is no silver bullet, magic wand or miracle pill to achieve long-term health and well-being. In addition, meeting your health goals can take time, and need patience, persistence and an open mind. But having said that, you might find that small changes do go a long way and deliver big, sustained wins!

2. Nutrition is not a 1-size fits all. Your genes, metabolism, gut-flora, hormonal balance, medical history, and cultural background are just some of the factors that make you, and your nutrition needs and goals: UNIQUE. So, what works for your neighbor, BFF or mom, may not work for you. Our goal is to figure out what works for you, and design your nutrition plan accordingly.

3. Mukta’s Nutrition Kitchen is a guilt-free, judgment-free zone. Whether these feelings are directed towards yourself or others, they cause unnecessary distress that do nothing to promote optimal digestion or emotional health. So be kind (to yourself and others). If you ever find yourself harboring guilt, judgment, or any other ill-will, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, let it go, smile and move on.

Take that first step today and schedule your first guilt-free, judgment-free, totally FREE consultation with me today!

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