How it works

This is not another diet. Repeat. Not another diet. 

If your food continuously leaves you feeling underwhelmed, bloated, tired, frustrated or guilty, it’s time for a change. And this could very well mean a complete lifestyle overhaul.

But here’s the thing. You can have a wholesome, nourishing and healthy lifestyle that is delicious, guilt-free and sustainable, once you know how.

And you know what else? You already have the inherent power to make the change. Mukta’s Nutrition Kitchen simply gives you the awareness, tools and coaching to make it a reality.

Here are the “must-haves” I incorporate into your health journey.

1. Awareness 

First, I’ll give you the scoop on ingredients in the market, and a deeper understanding of how specific foods affect your body; all backed by solid evidence. We’ll go over topics like why ‘sugar-free’ doesn’t mean damage-free, what’s up with gut health, how skipping meals can cause weight gain, and lots more!

2. Tools

Next, I’ll equip you with personalized recommendations, menu plans,  handouts and practical strategies that work for you. I’ll even throw in recipes that contain foods you love, foods you’ll learn to love, and foods you’ve never heard of. Think of this as a template or blueprint that you can build upon after we are done working together.

3. Coaching

Finally, tough love + TLC = results! Our regular coaching sessions provide the ongoing motivation and accountability to make your health goals a reality and sustainable. But don’t worry – we will always start where you arewith SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic & Time-bound), smaller goals that take you closer to long-term sustainable health!

Questions? Schedule a free 15-minute discovery session with me to learn more.